Our old blog status was a bit tricky to understand. It was confusing for our users and because of it, we’ve been working for a while on the new blog status in order to solve this problem.

One of the problems with the old blog status was the “Up” status. A lot of users thought this meant that the blog was online but that might not always be true. I won’t go into technical details behind the old blog status because it will get even more confusing. What I will explain is the new blog status which should solve the majority of the problems that the old status had.

Blog Problem status displaying on the Blog List page

Let’s first review which blog statuses are now possible:

  1. Queued – The blog is queued for Deployment.
  2. Deploying – Blog is Deploying.
  3. Verifying DNS – We are verifying the blog’s DNS.
  4. Online – Blog is Online.
  5. Problem – Blog has a problem. See the Blog Validator section.
  6. Deployed Failed – Blog Deploy Failed.
  7. Disabled – Blog is Disabled.
Displaying Blog Status on the Blog Info section

The big difference here is the “Online” status and “Problem” status. Compare to the old “Up” state which meant that the blog was on the server, this “Online” status actually means that the blog is correctly configured and is available over the HTTP(s). We are actually checking (in the background) if the blog is reachable via a web browser.

The blog goes into Problem status if one or more Blog Validator tasks fail. We have eight Blog Validator tasks that are being run every few days for each blog:

  1. Domain Status – Is checking if the domain has expired.
  2. Nameservers Status – Is checking if the nameservers correctly set.
  3. Zonefile Records Status – Is checking if the zonefile records correctly set.
  4. Blog Deployment Status – Is checking if the deployment to the server successful.
  5. Server Status – Is checking if the blog server online.
  6. Browser Accessibility – Is checking if the blog is accessible with a browser.
  7. Recent Backup Status – Is checking if backups been created in the last 3 days.
  8. SEO Data Status – Is checking if the SEO data refreshed in the last 3 days.
Blog Validator Section

If these checks are successful, there will be a green checkmark next to them. And if you hover with your mouse over the checkmark, you will see when we have run the last check.

In case the check will fail, you will see a red triangle with an exclamation point. You will also see a label “User Action Required” and if you click on it, a modal window will appear where you will see the problem with instructions on how to fix it.

Check with an Action Required example

“Nameservers Status” Check is the only check that also has a circle arrows button left to the “User Action Required” label (in case the check fails). If you click this button it will re-run the check.

You will want to run this check if you have updated your nameservers yet the blog has not updated to the Online status.. If you do not re-run this check, our system will do it within three days automatically (in some cases sooner).

If you have any additional questions regarding the new Blog Status or Blog Validator please read the help article and/or contact us via support.