EBN System Update #25

Last updated on 2020/08/19


by Gasper Vozel

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For the last 6 months, we’ve been working hard on making EBN source code as easy to maintain as possible.

The majority of EBN is written in Python and as some of you know the End of Life for Python 2.7 has been set to 2020 (ref). I’m happy to announce that we’ve already rewritten all our code to Python 3.6 so there are no worries regarding Python 3 migration in the future.

There were two side-effects in the process of the migration: 1st was a slight speed bump on the EBN app (5-10%) and the 2nd was that we’ve introduced a few bugs (because rewriting 100k+ lines of code just cannot be done without any mistakes). But we’ve been working very hard to eliminate all those problems and we are comfortable to say that our base code is even more stable than it was before we started migrating from Python 2.7.

Beside migrating to Python 3.6 we’ve also done a lot of quality of life improvements. Here are a couple of them:

  • Users can now automatically upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription in EBN app. Before, these involved a few more steps and relying on support to accomplish these things for you which equally translates to wasted time.
  • Deleting blog immediately was a feature that was frequently requested by our users and we heard you. Now the “Delete” button on blog view instantly removes the blog from the EBN app.
  • We are constantly checking and updating our Indexation Check to perform even better. Some of you have maybe noticed that a few weeks ago Google has changed the search results page so we had to adapt very fast.
  • Users can now pay in 3 different currencies. Before you could pay only in USD, now you can also pay in GBP and EUR. The system will select the currency for you based on your location.
  • Some of our bigger users had problems when they try to download their blog list. Now even if you have 500+ blogs you can request blog list download and this will start a task in the background which will upload the .csv/.odt file to AWS S3 bucket (aka “the cloud”) from where the user can download the file without any problems.

And last but not least we are happy to inform you that we have a new and improved Help Center which is now also housed on Intercom. The search function is now 10x more accurate than before, so for any queries, just type a keyword in the chat and it should return all relevant documents (answers to most queries are already there).