We are always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Easy Blog Networks and lately, we’ve been quite busy!

Besides minor fixes and bug squashing, here is a short breakdown of what we have been up to, what is in the works, and things to look forward to. We want our users to know that we are listening, and that we are always making sure that we are on top of things.

  • All our servers are running on PHP 7. What this means for users is more speed and security for their blogs. Unlike its predecessor, PHP5.6, this version is more secure and WordPress runs twice faster.
  • This wasn’t given it’s own blog post, but we added 2000 more IPs to the system. More IPs is always good for your PBN network!
  • We’ve launched the beta version of the automatic transfer tool. This is something we’re really excited with since we know the pain this feature will solve in terms of EBN onboarding.
  • We had our first acquisition! GoPBN, one of our competitors, was acquired by EBN. This means that we are still one of the solid managed WordPress hosting solution out there.
  • A few exciting things are coming such as a content solution and implementing a new technology for EBN. So yeah, lots of things to look forward to.

We are always on the lookout of new technologies we can implement to help improve the system and give the users a better experience. Times are always changing and the only way to grow is to keep moving forward.