Easy Blog Networks System Update #14

Last updated on 2020/08/19


by Dejan Murko

Here are the last month’s tasks:

  • Added hundreds of new IPs and decreased overlap between users.
  • Server randomization measures taken to differentiate our servers.
  • Automatic disabling of deindexed blogs for cleaner server neighborhood.
  • Two third party audits done for footprints and security.
  • Over 100 other minor issues resolved.

Things in progress:

  • New blog info page with blog analytics.
  • New hosting providers, DNS providers and more IPs.

Things on the to-do list:

  • Blog presets so you don’t have to enter the same settings every time you install a blog.
  • Better domain monitoring with expiry notifications.
  • Automatic DNS changes at your registrar.

For any suggestions and comments, let us know!