Easy Blog Networks, by Far the Most Effective Solution to 10X Your Marketing

Posted on 21/09/2019


by Dejan Murko

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Everybody knows that organic traffic is the best source of traffic to drive consistent profits with your marketing. It’s free and it’s high quality. These are people who are searching for the exact products or services you are offering so they will convert the most.

But nowadays, organic traffic is quite prohibitive. You can write tons of content and search engines won’t rank your website better. There are many websites with hundreds of high-quality articles and zero organic traffic. Why?

Because search engines want a third party confirmation that your website is valuable. That confirmation comes from other websites that link to your website. It’s not fair, but this is how things work.

And the only way to get organic traffic is by first getting as many backlinks as possible. This is a time consuming and a quite expensive process. Do you think that other websites will give you the links for free? No, each link will cost from a couple of hundreds of dollars above.

But what if you could easily create many more websites and link from them to your main website, everything without search engines knowing it? Is it possible?

With Easy Blog Networks (EBN) it is. We are the default solution used by SEO professionals all over the world to build Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and along the years we helped hundreds of marketers 10X their performance.

And what’s equally amazing is that the process of managing websites on EBN is mostly automated and super simple that many of our clients even added their main website on our platform.

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Practical Example

Here’s a simple example, you handle the online marketing of a dental clinic. You find a domain that years ago belonged to a dentist. This dentist paid for a press release to be featured as a “success example” in a few local news websites which brought a lot of links to his website.

She then retired and left the domain to expire. You register this domain, build a new dentistry blog on it and link it to your website. Since most of the links to the domain are still live, the blog will keep a lot of the initial authority and pass it further to your website.

So PBNs are groups of blogs on older domains that are hosted on different servers with different IPs in order to simulate natural quality backlinks to the main business website.

And you can easily buy aged domains. There are many tools that help you find the right fit, just do an online search with “aged domains”. The only thing you need to consider is registering the domains under random names and contact data.

This is why PBNs are extremely powerful!

So let’s get started, this will probably be one of the best strategic decisions for your marketing: