Content is the most expensive long-term cost for your PBNs. Unless you want to spend a fortune for writers over a few years, you’ll want to find a way to save money.

There are three main ways to get inexpensive but good-quality content without resorting to cheap writers, which usually cause more issues than they solve.

AI assistants

These tools are all built upon the well-known GPT-3 model from OpenAI. They cannot write from scratch but can expand on your written sentences and paragraphs.

The most known tool is which starts at $29 for about 40 articles per month (20k words), but you also need to count your time investment as it’s not entirely hands-off. Another option would be to hire Fiverr writers that use Jasper and can give you a solid article for $3-5.

AI bulk writers

Bulk writers are usually based on the simpler GPT-2 OpenAI model open-sourced a few years ago. We built our own bulk writer, Kafkai, in 2018 and trained it with our data. The content quality depends on the niche and can sometimes be as good as a solid writer – and sometimes, it might need lots of editing.

Kafkai is now under new management, but we still recommend it for bulk content. The price comes out to below $0.3 per article.

Article spinners

Article spinning can still work very well if you do it right. Kyle Roof, known for his ranking of Lorem Ipsum content, mentions in one of his interviews that you only need to change about 10% of words to get past the duplicate content filter. And that’s pretty easily achievable with an article spinner. Obviously, don’t go overboard and create 1000 articles from one source article but getting 10-20 good ones from one 1000-word article is very doable.

We recommend Spin Rewriter, which has been the best spinner for over a decade now. With the annual subscription below $100, it’s also the cheapest option on this list.

Try everything and see what works best for you

We recommend you try all of the above tools and see what works best for you. Some might prefer writing with the help of an assistant, and others prefer editing articles after spinning or generating articles. But in all cases, it’ll be a lot faster and cheaper than regular writers.

Good luck!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the co-founder of Easy Blog Networks.

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